-The Fiction-

Two years before the 100th anniversary of the Tripartite Alliance, an unregistered space colony was on a collision course with the GUARDIANS Colony. A group of GUARDIANS were sent to deal with the situation. Only two survivors returned. This came to be known as the Valmos Incident, and the details of the event were guarded with the utmost secrecy, until...

The SEED attacked two years later, and it became evident to President Dallgun that the Valmos Incident's antagonistic aliens from the Valmos Incident and the SEED were undoubtedly the same. Suspecting that, as the Valmos Colony dated back to the early days of the Planetary Wars, the SEED may have some prehistoric impact in the Gurhal Star System. In response to this, he organized seven Special Investigation Units to conduct research and special assignments independently of the AMF and other groups that might have their own agenda for SEED and RELICS technology. The two survivors of the Valmos Incident, a Photon Engineer named Kazrion and a pre-CAST robot discovered on Valmos called Sylph Knight, were placed as the commanding GUARDIANS of Unit-V and thus cementing its unique characteristics and insight even among the Special Investigation Units.

Although Unit-V had unearthed two dangerous organizations that could potentially use SEED as a weapon, the AMF-related L.O.K.I. and the Knights of Hades, many doubts and fears that arose to their presence were foolishly laid to rest with the activation of the Confinement System and thus weakened Unit-V's influence as their warnings were cast to the wayside. Then, as Unit-V was divided while following an important lead, a new enemy called the Illuminus appeared and unearthed a catastrophe that brought the Gurhal Star System to its knees.

Kazrion perished in the ensuing battle, and Arys the Sylph Knight is now forced to strive for hope and answers on countless fronts. But she is not alone...

-The Real Story-

Unit-V, alias Vagrant Knights, is an online community that began in May 2004 as the first American online group for Monster Hunter. We quickly established ourselves as the premiere Role-Playing organization for the game, and continued to develop various activities and events to increase the replayability of Monster Hunter.

In June 2006, it was announced that we would be adding two new branches: Phantasy Star Universe and eXteel. The eXteel project was later scrapped, but our Phantasy Star Universe branch presented a very unique Role-Playing environment and atmosphere with which we were able to conduct a new activity, called the Internal Nemesis System (INS), which we created and acted out our story rather than simply place the actions of our fictional enemies in the background.

Vagrant Knights temporarily disbanded in February 2007 due to lingering numbers and morale. However, the group has since re-launched in September 2007 and currently has its sights set on reinventing our management and activity system to provide for a new generation of members, which we proudly call "Knights".

We’re looking for great thinkers and writers to join our community, and perhaps that someone could be you!

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