A creation of mysterious origin, Sylph Knight (or "Arys" as Kazrion has christened her) was discovered a few years before the Centennial Ceremony, when an abandoned research station appeared directly in the immediate orbit of the Guardian Colony and threatened to collide with it.

The research station was infested by the then-unknown SEED and was destroyed by an unidentified AMF Battlecruiser in the vicinity. Kazrion and Sylph Knight (who activated on her own accord) were somehow able to flee the exploding research station by using one of the remaining escape pods. Kazrion awakened and found that they had been driven far off course from the Guardian Colony and instead crashed onto the surface of Moatoob. He was forced to make extensive repairs to Sylph Knight's brutally damaged battle chassis using parts from the escape pod. Afterwards, he gave her the name 'Arys' as she lacked a true name of her own.

Arys' body contains an original but illegal and highly advanced Refined-Photon Infusion Engine, which keeps the Photon Energy inside of her body in a perpetually near-refined state; in other words, her body has the ability to transfigure normal Photons into Element-based Photons that have many improved power supplying attributes which could exponentially increase her physical output... but that would be only if her body were constructed with the proper parts to handle the stress. Although Arys has no recollection before her awakening on the colony, Kazrion isn't fully convinced... somewhere deep down inside Arys lies an ancient secret stripped from the databanks of the RELICS themselves...

Sylph Knight "Arys"
Alias: The 'Virtuous Hunter' who fights with passion!
Age: 3 Years (Creation Date: Unknown)
Birthplace: Valmos Research Orbital Station
Battle Type: Hunter
Favored Photon Element: Gra (Light)
Profession: Bodyguard, Co-Leader of Unit V
Special Ability: Laywaster Gun (Orbital Cannon)
Synthesis Speciality: Striking (Melee Weapons)

Skills: Charismatic and Decisive Leader,
Weapons Developer,
Adept with small-arms and Light-element Weaponry.

Arys' personality ranges from serious and responsible to flighty and she has been prone to mention things that could be perceived as ridiculous and obscene. This personality flaw is derived from her inexperience. For such an ancient machine, she has little personal experience with the world around her and a good deal of her pre-programmed knowledge is extremely outdated. In a social environment, she is extremely giddy and easily distracted. However, in times where seriousness is necessary she becomes very strict and commanding: attributes embedded into the very core of her being by her creators as part of her battle program.

Arys is an instrumental subject of the GUARDIANS Special Investigation Committee that was formed after the Centennial Ceremony attack, and is largely held under 'supervision' by her friend Kazrion as she leads the enigmatic Unit V alongside him. Even the highest-ranking Guardians have heard but mere mention of the research station incident and fewer still know of Arys' origins and involvement with that tragedy. This makes Arys one of the more secretive agents under the employ of the Special Investigation committee, and also one of its most powerful.

Arys is not physically impressive by any standards, but makes up for her weakness through sheer speed and ability. When things get dire, she can summon an ancient weapon called the Laywaster Gun from compressed space through a device that Kazrion installed inside of her body. With this weapon, she can decimate entire legions of enemies in a single shot. However, this weapon takes a considerable amount of both time and energy to charge and does not maintain full capacity for very long. Therefore she cannot keep the weapon at maximum power for a prolonged duration, otherwise she will exhaust her own vital Photon reserves.

She and Kazrion have also been privately investigating the mysterious AMF-related force that has been in pursuit of Arys since she first appeared. The task of hiding her whereabouts from this military faction has required the assistance of the Pheonix's Revenge vigilantes along with many other groups. It is quite obvious that someone wants Arys, badly. This begs to question "why?". Though it is true that Arys' body contains altered RELICS technology, it seems unlikely that the AMF would be unable to replicate it themselves. There must be another reason beyond her physical construct for their persistence.

Overall, Arys is a legendary figure of power who has overcome her many personal weaknesses in order to ascend into the loving figure who cherishes the all friends she has made and the world she was brought into. This is why she is called the 'Virtuous Hunter'.

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